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Villa St. Benedict

Lisle, Illinois


Crisis Intervention: Financial Turnaround with Targeted Strategies

Background & Challenges

Villa St. Benedict is a not-for-profit, faith-based community offering independent living apartments and cottages, assisted living, and memory care in Lisle, Illinois. Co-sponsored by The Benedictine Sisters of the Sacred Heart and the Benedictine Health System, the property contains 261 units in a transformed former convent and chapel.

The community’s board, CEO, and CFO determined refinancing was necessary, but traction was essential and occupancy requirements had to be consistently met. This posed a challenge as new lead generation was low, the sales team was struggling, and campus occupancy was at 83% and declining. The financial viability of the community was at risk, so they asked Murdock to help.

Marketing Solutions

  • Created a customized, comprehensive sales and marketing plan for the campus to increase leads, improve conversion ratios and motivate move-in
  • Integrated independent living and assisted living marketing efforts
  • Identified critical areas for sales team improvement based on an evaluation of sales and marketing ratios
  • Implemented referral outreach plan that yielded a significant increase in referrals, most notably re-engaged the area’s Catholic churches
  • Identified and promoted most appropriate market position for the community based on differentiators and competitors
  • Layered adult children marketing strategy


“We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with Murdock. Their team has been integral in our recent successes. Their involvement helped us on so many levels, all while supporting our mission and values.”

– Kathy DiCristina, CEO & Administrator
Villa St. Benedict

“Ziegler prides itself on the quality of our relationships with our partners and clients in the retirement housing industry. Murdock’s sales and marketing involvement & success at Villa St. Benedict is perfect example of this. They provided the leadership and sales coaching that lead the sales team to exceed their occupancy goals on a monthly basis.”

– Will Carney, Managing Director

Services Provided

  • Sales and marketing review
  • Sales and marketing oversight
  • Surveys
  • Competitive assessment
  • Pricing analysis


The Villa St. Benedict was headed toward a financial crisis. Their cooperation with the Murdock team brought the community to stabilized occupancy levels never before experienced on the campus. Murdock’s creative and targeted solutions increased occupancy in independent living and assisted living from 78% to 91%, allowing the community to refinance. They increased lead and re-inquiry generation by nearly 21% over prior years and nearly doubled monthly move-in volume. In addition, Murdock assisted the Villa St. Benedict in compressing the timeline from inquiry to move-in by 16%.