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Sarto Village

Eugene, OR


Building a Strong Foundation for a New Community

Background & Challenges

Sarto Village is a traditional-Catholic organization. When they engaged Murdock's services, they were looking to build a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), but they didn’t know where to start. The Sarto team was new to senior living, with no existing non-profit in the United States and one non-sponsored – but related – the community in Canada.

The organization had purchased land in Eugene, Oregon. They had already established their community branding, but they needed to evaluate their market and their Sarto constituents’ affinity group. They also desired to begin marketing efforts to Sarto constituency. The Murdock team was eager to get them going in the right direction.

Marketing Solutions

  • Determined market demand for IL, AL, and MC from Veneta/Greater-Eugene market
  • Evaluated the propensity of age- and income-qualified Sarto faithful to move to the community
  • Evaluated site plan and provided viable, financially-appropriate recommendations on the development planning completed
  • Developed a comprehensive pre-development through fill-up sales and marketing plan to ensure and facilitate communication to Sarto constituents while also marketing to the PMA/SMA
  • Refined pricing to meet the financial demands of the development but to be appropriately aligned with the constituency and with the market
  • Through surveys, tele-contact surveys, and focus groups, the Murdock team brought a deep level of understanding of the Sarto constituency – what they want and can afford – thereby necessitating a shift in the project

Services Provided

  • Development planning
  • Financial modeling
  • Market study
  • Mailed surveys
  • Tele-contact surveys
  • Focus group


Through careful collaboration and in-depth research, Murdock provided the necessary components for the Sarto development to move forward. Murdock was able to position the community for short-term financing and long-term success.